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Why I resolved to never have resolutions again!

Every year as the year comes to an end, people start to look forward to the closing of a year and the new beginning of something different and special. It’s a time of saying goodbye to the not so good from the past year and the celebration of wonderful times to come.

Oh how I love the excitement of watching those fireworks, the magic of midnight’s first kiss, and the hope of making fresh resolutions for the upcoming year. Maybe it’s the enchantment in the air, maybe it’s the impulsive nature of New Years celebration… It always seems to me that these resolutions are GIGANTIC and always are lined with high hopes. Resolutions remind me of highschool graduation. People are always asking, “What are you doing after highschool?” You always want to make it grand, you never want to say something boring and typical… Right? Highschool… the end of an era. New Years Eve… always tainted with a dramatic ending almost like an era. All those pounds you wanted to lose last year are probably still hanging on, all those cigarettes that you wanted to stop smoking are still waiting to be bought, and that bucket list still has nothing checked off.

So what’s wrong with making a resolution? Why did I stop? I stopped setting those resolutions because I was sick and tired of not completing them. Every resolution I made, I NEVER completed. It was as if I made wishes and just EXPECTED them to happen. That’s why I resolved to never have resolutions again. I realized that I didn’t want to make magical wishes on New Years Eve. I wanted to make real and attainable goals on my life long journey. These goals take time, effort, and planning; not just hoping that they happen. So don’t make a wish… MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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  1. Kristy G's Gravatar Kristy G
    January 1, 2012    

    Great post! I feel the same way! :)

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