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Raw veggie noodles! VEGAN!

I’ve always tried to make vegetables more interesting in order to get my family on board with actually ENJOYING their veggies, rather than scarfing them down prior to eating “the good stuff”.

Recently I’ve discovered that you can MAKE VEGETABLE NOODLES and it’s something that’s vegan that actually tastes good! (eyes bulging out) Yes, colourful raw veggie noodles that have great texture and give you a fun option, rather than just having veggies and dip or leafy salads. Here’s what my veggie noodle salad looks like:


I used a julienne peeler to cut up these noodles. It looks like this:

Julienne Peeler

You just use it like a regular peeler. I used carrots, zucchini, and some asparagus in my salad. I ran the julienne peeler lengthwise down the veggies in order to create the long noodles. Then I drizzled apple cider, agave syrup, olive oil, and finished it off with fresh ground black pepper and pink Hawaiian salt. I also tossed in some raw sunflower seeds. It was delish!

Here’s my little guy actually trying a carrot for the first time in 2 years…

carrot noodles

And SUCCESS! The smile says it all!


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