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Trip to New York and Chip Coffey’s biggest fan!

I love making new shadowboxes for you all! Here’s a couple of my faves!

Here’s a trip to New York that I captured in this 13×13 shadowbox. All the elements are 3D and I positioned them at different levels. I also hand cut and created all the embellishments from the Chanel and I <3 NY bags to the tiny cabs that are less than the size of a quarter. You can also include small souvenirs in your shadowbox. Look at the I <3 NY chain! The chain does hang down when it’s on the wall :)

Trip to New York

If you’re a fan of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids , you definitely know who Chip Coffey is! I have a fan who has seen Chip Coffey at different events in Edmonton through Trixstar. I created this 13×13 shadowbox for her pictures and VIP passes. The best part about this picture is how you can see the 3D elements. You can see the shadow behind some of the pictures if you look close :)

Chip Coffey's biggest fan!

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