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The Sweet Spot

Gardening, I absolutely love it. There’s nothing better than the feeling of the soil running through my fingers (no gloves for this lady) and that smell of the rich earth. With all the posts running around about the focus on organics and the perfection of the balance in life, I think that I almost forgot about the simple stuff.

My grandparents own 80 acres of beautiful treed land. Being there takes me to a place where there is a true feeling of peace and quiet. Being a mother of a 3 year old, has really shown me how loud my life really is now. The one place where my sweet boy doesn’t seem to be that loud and life is not at all busy is in the garden and in the trees. I think that everyone needs to find their sweet spot, that quiet place that no noise can touch. There’s nothing more healing than taking in that quiet moment.

So, another gardening season starts and I have my sweet spot back. Even though I am soooo lucky to have access to all these beautiful trees and that large garden (I will show you pics when we go up again), I wonder how some of you get to that sweet spot. Some people have found it here! When do you take a moment to stop time or savour life or JUST BE?

P.S. Someone not pulling his weight at the acreage:

hunter gardening


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