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What’s wrong with you?

Self image… shmelf image…

In this quest for the best, we are so obsessed with comparing ourselves to others and holding standards to this ideal. Whether this ideal is monetarily related or a personality attribute or a goal or a physical attribute that we want, like a self image, we never seem to be satisfied with the status quo.

It’s okay to strive for things to be better and set goals, but it’s even better to remember that you can and should be okay with the now! Always looking for this ideal can set the tone of “what’s wrong with me” when a person can’t seem to get to that ideal fast enough.

It’s a careful balance between hoping and setting goals for the future and seeing how there are good things right now. So, set your plans and dream big, but don’t sacrifice your state of mind by bringing yourself down with comparing yourself to grandiose ideals that you think are the ideal.

What’s wrong with yourself? What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you see the beauty in yourself and be okay with embracing your own beauty, your own ideals?

I can tell you and I’m sure if you really think about it, you are pretty fantastic and a little ridiculous to not see all that you really are, right at this very moment! xo



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