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Why Santa isn’t horrible

This time of the year for me is always marked with cozy cuddles in my home filled with Christmas cheer, Christmas music in the background, and a good dose of Christmas movies to get everyone in the mood with the Christmas spirit!

I have to admit though, I get disappointed when I hear that others tell their children that Santa doesn’t exist, that Santa is a lie. Why? When I was a little girl we had little to no money and it was a life that brought me disappointment sometimes, especially when I was reminded that I couldn’t have regular price clothing or certain toys or the prestige that came with these monetary items. Now before everyone gets all over me about “it’s not the material things that matter”, it was hard as a child to see the whole picture when there is a lack of developmental maturity about such things.

There was one time of the year that was magical though. There was one time of the year when I could hope and dream about Santa, who was indeed magical, who really was a symbol to me of the magic of Christmas. This one time of the year I could float away on a dream. The lack of “things” didn’t matter because I knew that something would be under the tree and that something would be in the stocking. It didn’t matter if the items were the hottest or the latest or the most expensive, it just mattered that Santa came. He made the magic of Christmas come into my home and chase away the gloom. He made the snowy cold seem brighter and the joy seem warmer.

It is this warmth and happiness that still carries me every Christmas, even to this day. When I see Santa, I’m reminded of all this Christmas spirit and the magic that is still alive. So no, I do not use Santa as a punitive measure. In my life Santa is magic, he’s the spirit of Christmas, and my son will always know that, just as I have.


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