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Relaxation Therapy

RELAXATION… Knowing that you want to, but feeling like you don’t have the time to actually get it done or the energy to even try to move in that direction. I can help you with that, I can help you start to change the way you hang on to stuff that prevents you from relaxing.

One big part of moving on and up in life is reconciling and letting go of the garbage and baggage that we hang onto. Sometimes we just feel like we can’t let go. When we don’t let go, we start to disconnect from ourselves and put up road blocks that prevent us from moving on. How do we know that we haven’t let go?

  • You may feel inappropriate levels of anger that seem to spill over when the situation that you’re in really isn’t that big of a deal
  • You may be afraid to try new things because change is scary
  • You may be unhappy, but you can’t put your finger on what is really bugging you
  • You may control everything so that you don’t have to deal with the real issue
  • You may wear a mask to prevent others from hurting you
  • You might not be able to let yourself relax and JUST BE!

These are just some of the reasons that suggest a need for a relaxation session. That doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from the relaxation if you haven’t gone through those specific situations because everyone who has had negative situations or connections with negative people can benefit!

What may you feel during the session?

  • pressure over the chakra areas that need clearing
  • a release of pressure (built up negative energy)
  • relaxation
  • meditative state

You will also receive a psychic reading during the session…

~What that means:

  • information about physical, social, mental or other areas in your life that may need some positive attention
  • additional information about a situation that spirit wants you to know about

What will you feel after treatment?

  • calmer, more peaceful
  • lighter mood, not burdened by negativity or a significant reduction in negativity
  • body pains such as headache, neck/back pain minimized or dissipated
  • tired from the energy moving or shifting

***The benefits from regular relaxation therapy sessions are cumulative, as they help in letting go of the layers of trauma and/or stagnant/negative energy that have built up over the years. This stagnant or negative energy may have manifested into negative behaviours, such as worry, anxiety, headaches, back pain, etc. Regular sessions help to release the energy and assist with replacing negative behaviours with positive behaviours.***

If you’d like to try a relaxation session or have more questions, click here

Here are some reviews:

I was skeptical at first, not because I don’t believe in Tara’s abilities, but because I just didn’t think it would work for me. I had a relaxation session, and it was an incredibly emotional experience for me. It’s hard to describe how I felt after. Light, positive, at ease. I walked away feeling great about myself, and feeling like I could handle everything. My second reading was quite different than the first. I felt calm, positive, and warm. Tara also did a record reading for me, and I was blown away. Such a positive and life changing experience for me. Tara is amazing! R.B.

Words cannot come close to describe what the treatment did for me.. but since im asked for a review this is what i got to say. Utterly fantastic!!!! Life changing expierence. Completly rejuvenated,, loved it. Will book another treatment!! Good job Tara!!! Mandy J.

I went to Tara stressed out and slightly anxious about my life. I was a little skeptical about my stress being relieved but during the relaxation session I felt a release. I felt lighter, like I had lost weight, can’t really explain it better than that. its been weeks since I had it done, and I still haven’t felt all that stress come back to me. C.T.

Tara’s relaxation session left me feeling completely refreshed and re-grounded.

Initially I was unsure of what to expect, so I didn’t approach the session with any presumptions.  Tara checked in on my throughout the session and I found that the times I felt any odd sensation, such as pressure or disassociation from my body Tara felt it and checked-in with me simultaneously each time! There is no way she could have known what I was feeling. Since the session I have continued to experienced a greater feeling of connection with my body and mind as a whole.  The messages Tara passed on to me from my reading combined with the relaxation session was exactly what I needed at this time and have re-awakened my interest in my spirituality.  She was direct and encouraging and beyond the spiritual clarity of the message, the session was holistically therapeutic. I would highly recommend a relaxation session with Tara for anyone needing spiritual clarity, direction and bodily relaxation T.J.


At this point people usually expect some kind of picture, but instead of a selfie in a practiced, awkward relaxed pose… I’m gonna show you my little guy practicing his own selfies on my phone:

Hunter, age Uh Oh 3!


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