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So don’t take my word for it, here’s some reviews of people who have had an Akashic record reading and/or a relaxation treatment:

“How do you find the words to describe something beyond you? I had a reading with Tara last week and she is beyond what I expected. Not only do you get the opportunity to connect with someone who has passed, spirits guide you in the direction you need to go. So many things that came up were so true! It is nice to hear positive things, but also to receive guidance on how to heal, how to move forward and how to bring your life to the place you want it to be. Her gift is amazing and I do not hesitate to tell people about her! I definitely plan to continue to hire Tara! I all honestly, I would do this every week if I could. Don’t hesitate, you have nothing to lose. Such a rewarding experience in many, many ways!”~ C

“I had Tara come to my house for a reading party and it was a huge success. The party was a lot of fun and everyone got to have a private reading. Although I’m not skeptical and fully believe in this kind of thing I still found myself a little shocked when Tara started my reading and knew things about me that VERY few people do. My reading felt more like she was just bringing to light things I had left behind and shouldn’t. Some parts of my reading were also unexpected though and very enlightening. She gave me a lot to think about that I hadn’t thought of before. With her help and a lot of “me time” I will get back on track with what truly made me happy and without Tara I maybe would have never taken the time or tried. I am so thankful to Tara for coming out and helping me find myself again. At the end of my reading I felt motivated and refreshed and would have her come back to do another anytime! I 100% recommend her to anyone.”~ Cheryl

“I booked as session with Tara as a surprise for my husband.  I felt he needed it more than I did, and I had certain hopes that the session would bring to light some key points for him.  We have never had an experience with a Medium, so I was not sure what to expect.  It was more than I could have hoped for.  Tara brought to light so many things, some I did not know about, some that others would not know about.  I was taking notes of the session and the whole time I was trying not to interrupt and say “That’s so true!!!”  I believe it brought some enlightenment to my husband, and things that I hoped would come up… did.  I secretly hoped that ‘someone’ would come through and reassure him of all the things I know to be true, and they did.  I think this will bring forward a new beginning for him.  1000% recommend this to anyone whether you just feel lost and need some guidance, want some reassurance or want some closure.  Maybe you just want some acknowledgement from those you miss so dearly.  For whatever reason, it is an unbelievable and positive experience I think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy!  I have been so ecstatic since the reading and I barely slept.  I cannot wait for my own reading in 7 weeks!  Thank you Tara!”~ C.B.

“How amazing when someone you have never met reads you to a “t”. Thank you Tara S for showing me in 20 mins what I have failed to see myself in 39 years! You answered a lot of questions that I have always pondered and I am excited to explore some of my gifts!”~ Tina Marie B.

“On  phone call, Tara tapped in to what was going on for me in seconds, seeing what I couldn’t, and recommending ways to help me to move through old emotional gunk. She’s good. And for woo-woo, she’s completely down-to-earth.”~ Lori C.

“I found my reading to be very informative and interesting. I found it much better than going to [tea leaf readings in yeg]for example, there was no me feeding of information. I feel truly blessed that I had the opportunity and will follow the advice I was given for sure. I would totally recommend a reading.”~Amy

“My Akashic records reading happened at just the right time, and that’s probably no coincidence. Despite a very full and happy life, I had been feeling stuck. Tara identified a number of areas for me to focus on. The reading was very emotional, as she brought up issues I hadn’t thought about it years. Tara is empathetic, gentle, and perceptive. I left the reading feeling hopeful and at peace.”~Laura F.

“I recently had a reading by Tara and, although I was excited about the reading, I was also a bit apprehensive. Tara has such a good energy that she immediately put me at ease. She had asked me to have a list of questions to have ready prior to my reading and, by just asking the first question, I pretty much had all my other questions answered. Her ability to reach the spirit guides and their insight into our deepest thoughts and feelings were very impactful. I would recommend Tara to everyone I know and I have in fact done just that!”~Sheilagh

“As I had never done anything quite like this before I was not sure what to expect, but I went in with an open mind, hoping it would bring me closer to answers I’ve been looking for. Tara started our session explaining that she was visited by my deceased grandmother, who had some interesting things to show me! I wasn’t expecting that, but was grateful for the visit!!
A lot of questions about the path I’m on dance around my head on a daily basis, Tara was able to give me some really good insight by opening my eyes to some of the things I was ignoring and she showed me a general direction of where I should be facing. I walked away feeling, relaxed and … Fresh. (If that makes any sense!) I’m glad I did this and I definitely will do it again.”~Megan

“Sometimes life says “Hey you… yeah YOU, running around so fast filling your life with things to keep you busy that don’t really fulfill you or fix thing. Stop. Sit. Listen a minute to the sounds around you. Embrace what you have, who you are. Make that enough. The rest will fit.

I heard that loud and clear this week when I had an Akashic Reading by Tara and not surprisingly my mother came through loud and clear. It was everything I already knew but good to hear again from someone who needed to kick me in the ass to listen. The message was trust your intuition. It is never wrong. Help others. You are a beautiful person.

Life can be busy, but a message like this reminds me to slow down, enjoy the little things and find the joy in life again.

Tara is a phenomenal energy and her work is open, frank and expressive in her love for the readings she gives and the people she helps.”                                                                                       ~Leane M.

“When Tara came for my reading, I was extremely nervous, even though I was trying really hard not to be. I think I was afraid of what/who might come up and how I would handle it. Tara sensed my nerves and helped me become more relaxed before we began. A person whose loss I am grieving came her (even though Tara is my friend, some things came up that she could not possibly have known about them). The message was not the disappointment I feared but rather celebration, love, happiness, and even silliness – truly the essence of this person’s life. Tara provided excellent insight and advice. I came away from the experience feeling relieved, lightened, and open, and wanting to re-embrace life and its possibilities.”~Anonymous

“I had an amazing reading tonight and I just wanted to say thank you…. You did such an amazing job bringing forward messages from my father, I feel like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders. It is wonderful to see the way you could connect with him,  and give me lots of information about him wanting me to heal. I would recommend anyone who wants to do a reading go to Tara, she is a very empowering woman :)”~Lacey J.

“Tara, Tara, Tara, you have given me so much, my heart is overwhelmed at your gift. I saw you two evenings ago and couldn’t conjure the words of what I received from our sitting and hardly can now. Honestly was a roller coaster of everything I’ve been feeling within my intuition and you saying it straight out. I’ve found peace with some unwanted stresses and omg I’ve found home in my heart. You nailed it, not the best saying but wow Tara you gave me shivers and led me to understand more of who my soul is and my journey. Outstanding and I cannot wait to explore again. Namaste”~Jessica L.

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