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Individual and Group Readings

Psychic Medium readings… Akashic Record Readings…

These words bring up many thoughts such as skepticism, not evidence based…

They also bring up other thoughts such as hope, answers, and guidance.

It’s not about me selling you some grand idea or way of life, it’s about me using my abilities to help you.

How CAN I help you?

  • With messages or answers from loved ones who have passed on
  • With guidance or direction in regards to your career, love life, or chronic situations that you always seem to get into
  • With beginning to make a difference in your life in order to make it easier for you to start acting on positive changes for your future, instead of practicing procrastination

How is this different from a regular reading?

  • I have been trained as an Akashic Records Practitioner.
  • The Akashic records are a record of all that your soul has experienced, present and past life.
  • I go to YOUR spirit guides, YOUR loved ones that have passed on in order to get the answers that you look for.
  • You leave the reading feeling refreshed, lighter, and with clarity for the direction that you need to go in.

If you’re interested in a booking an appointment or if you’d like more info on private or group readings click here

Here’s some reviews of my readings, some have had just readings and others have had a reading and a relaxation session. Click here

Me and my little guy:


Fooling around! He’s so much fun!

Hunter and me



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