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Rainy Toddler Day! Pinterest crafts!

So today was a Pinterest day, pinterest crafts day! I really didn’t feel like heading out into the rain, it doesn’t appeal to my cat-like response to water splashing on me.

So my 3 year old and my friend’s 3 year old were my Pinterest guinea pigs.

First we tried paint in a zip-lock bag. Click here for the link.

Mess free painting I probably should’ve used a runnier paint instead of thick finger paint, but the activity lasted a whole 15 minutes… Which in toddler land means “SUCCESS”!

Then I made these neat boats out of wine corks… Never a shortage of those around here! Here is a link to that craft

Now I tried finding the boats that I made for a pic, but they sorta went MIA today after our bathroom hurricane situation that was instigated by my 3 year old mob. So that means that they loved it! It was pretty simple to make :)

cork boat

Now we didn’t do this activity today, but it is a fun one! Cork painting! I love it because the kids don’t splash as much inside, as they would with their paint brushes. Click here for the credit!

cork painting

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy these DIY crafts as much as we did :)




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