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My Well Trained Toddler…

As I was waiting in a long, long line at a very busy grocery store a woman in front of me said, “Oh I didn’t even notice your toddler sitting there! He’s so WELL TRAINED.”

Yes you heard me! Well trained! lol Then she went on and on about screaming toddlers. I thought, “How nice that you think that he’s well trained.” She obviously has some sort of delusion about babies and toddlers. I don’t know many or any trained toddlers! I have spent many hours reasoning, pleading, timing out, and consequencing my SCREAMING toddler. I don’t know any parent, even with the most angelic child, who hasn’t thrown their hands up in the air and wanted to run away screaming from their “well trained angel.”

My “well trained” son has taught me well though… If not for him being so “well trained”, I would have not developed the patience I have now and the wisdom to know when to ASK FOR HELP! I am so far from perfect and being my best means knowing how to recognize my limits. So that’s what I do, when I am at my limit I get help. I love knowing how my son will truly be raised in a community of love. Oh and a good cup of coffee helps with my “well trained” son as well! ;)

"Well Trained" No?


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  1. Kristy G's Gravatar Kristy G
    November 7, 2011    

    OMG…soooo many people including family say how good and well behaved D is. She’s pretty good but they have NEVER seen her at her peak Of demonic state, something she only shares with Mommy & Daddy. ;)

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