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Happiness means courage!

If there’s one feeling that eludes many of us, it’s that feeling of happiness. There once was a happy child that existed in all of us, a carefree soul that embraced the day. How did we lose that happy carefree child that each of us once was?

Sometimes our happiness is lost due to trauma, sometimes there’s a hormonal imbalance, or maybe a person has just been dealt a bad hand in life. Regardless, any situation that a person is in can be perpetuated by society’s demands from us. Not only does a person have responsibilities to their own family, friends, or job, a person also must deal with the external pressures of society that impact her/him and the situation that she/he is in. These pressures include the values of society to “be everything”, “give your all to everyone”, and the ever pervasive need of society to perfect every aspect of a person, almost to the point of removing the humanity from the person. On the one hand society tells us to “be yourself” and on the other hand you must conform or face the natural consequences of judgment.

Not only do we have these societal pressures and a juggling act with our responsibilities, we also have many distractions that we set up in our lives, only to cope with not thinking about our unhappiness. Believe me, this is so easy to do… After all, who actually has any time to heal or try to be happy anyways, right?

WRONG! It takes a whole lotta courage and a bit of determination to try to make the choices to get you to your happy place. Don’t think of it as turning a switch on or off, think of it as adding a layer or taking a step up over that ugly place for a minute. Take a minute to deep breathe, meditate, lift some weights for a few minutes, run up and down the stairs for a couple minutes, take a hot bath or shower, try to focus on something that you can find beauty in, call a friend… The point is to stand up, have courage, and fight for a minute of happiness. Keep trying and don’t forget that someone always is thinking of you or caring about you!

XO- Tara S



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