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Trust is a seven letter word

Trust, the foundation of any relationship, an intimate relationship or even a connection with a stranger. This is where I know that trust is a seven letter word… RESPECT. It is this respect I inherently give throughout my reading and towards those I work with, even towards strangers that I pass by. There is never a time in all of my readings or in my personal life that I have ever said that respect should be earned. Here’s why…

This premise of giving respect to others, instead of others having to earn it from you, sets a tone of kindness towards others that I want the world to see. Everyone is always talking about how people are rude or how people don’t care or even how people should “be the change that you want to see”.

If you want to see change, my challenge to you is to change your mind about trust. Everyone can name a person or tell about a situation that forever impacted them; however, don’t forget about the person or the situation that made you smile and renewed or gave you trust in a person or situation.

So, my challenge to you is to try to hang on to that trustworthy memory and drop off that memory that impacted your trust. Move on and try to remember that trust IS a seven letter word, that it doesn’t have to be earned, if you don’t want it to!

trust, a 7 letter word

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  1. Jackie Beamish's Gravatar Jackie Beamish
    May 1, 2014    

    Hello Tara, it would be such an honor to meet with you and have a session. I have heard such great things about you! My hair dresser is Tiffany Schlacter (from the Westlock area) we were having a wonderful discussion about you when she was doing my hair. So. excited to hear from you. Jackie.

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