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Scrappy Frugal Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is always a time where I definitely try to cut those corners! I love making frugal Christmas gifts! Here’s a quick guide that I put together to help you take back the reins on the spending frenzy that everyone seems to get into at Christmas.

Last year we did the five hands of giving:

I can’t seem to find the original owner of this picture; however, here is a link to where I got the pic: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/118501033916758089/ Also here is a website where the info is listed: http://notbuyinganything.blogspot.ca/2012/12/dont-give-stuff.html

five handsIt worked pretty well and people were surprised with the gifts, although a bit time consuming, looking and sifting through second hand things for gifts.

I also do a lot of DIY or I put items creatively together!

  • Baking basket: include a fancy pan/dish, spoon, tea towels, and a few layered mason jar mixes. Here’s some inspiration: http://thefrugalgirls.com/gifts-in-jars-recipes
  • Culturally inspired cooking baskets: Italian basket (include pasta, authentic Italian sauces, Italian desserts, a cookbook) or any other inspirational cooking basket
  • Consumable gifts that you can make for less, such as homemade candies or beef jerky
  • Handmade Christmas items such as a decorative wreath or a set of hand painted glass ornaments
  • Special pictures of the recipient that you can put in a nice frame or shadowbox
  • Simple sewing projects:
  1.  infinity scarf http://thediymommy.com/sew-a-15-minute-infinity-scarf/
  2. simple child apron http://www.scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com/2013/04/freeapronpatternandtutorial.html
  3. fancy tea towels, http://www.maillardvillemanor.com/2012/01/fancy-tea-towels-sewing-how-to.html

Other ideas:

  • Restrict the dollar amounts on gifts
  • Suggest that only the children exchange gifts
  • Do a name draw for a family gift exchange
  • Have a potluck Christmas party where you all agree to exchange memories instead of gifts

Well I hope that this inspires you to cut corners on your own Christmas adventure! Merry Christmas!


courtesy of: http://www.kristenjphotography.com/




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