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Exercise means appreciation!

Exercise…. You do too much and you are obsessed, you do too little and you are lazy. You love it, you hate it. You exercise to lose weight, you exercise to stay in shape.

Where is your motivation around exercise? What should it be? I’ve never seemed to be able to stick to exercise when the weight doesn’t come off fast enough. I’ve also never seemed to really enjoy exercise unless I was thinner. This all changed though, after a friend was diagnosed with cancer.

Nothing seems to make me run faster or lift more weights than realizing that I actually can. My friend, who was diagnosed with cancer, gave me this motivation to realize that I can. I’ve never run in a race, have always wanted too, but have never had the confidence nor the ambition to actually stick with the training to do it. I remember how I started training, and I have to say that it was kind of brutal. The pain in my legs and the shortness of my breath made me want to walk or turn around to go back home so many times, but the love that I have for my friend pushed me to fight for her and I pressed on. I ran 4K straight in that race. I was never more proud of myself as I crossed that finish line crying tears of sorrow for my friend’s battle, tears of joy for my accomplishment, and tears of hope for tomorrow for her.

First Race

Watching someone who has battled so hard with the realization that her body now is not what it once was and seeing her feeling the fear of her body possibly failing to be cancer free in the future, has pushed me forward in making the decision… I said MAKING THE DECISION to appreciate my body’s movement, my body’s ability to be of service to me, to give me what I need in order to accomplish the goals that I have, without that fear of looking back at that looming nightmare of cancer that my friend went through. This is what gives me the motivation to make that decision of appreciation for my body. It’s not what I look like, it’s not what I need to be, it’s just the appreciation of how I have that freedom to push my body in ways that I never thought that I could. See your body for what it really is and appreciate it, without ever looking back.


I love you L~ xoxoxox


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