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Scrappy Frugal Christmas Gif...

Scrappy Frugal Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is always a time where I definitely try to cut those corners! I love making frugal Christmas gifts! Here’s a quick guide that I put together to help you take back the reins on the spending frenzy that everyone seems to get into at Christmas. Last year we did the five hands of giving: […]

Rainy Toddler Day! Pinterest craf...

Rainy Toddler Day! Pinterest crafts!

So today was a Pinterest day, pinterest crafts day! I really didn’t feel like heading out into the rain, it doesn’t appeal to my cat-like response to water splashing on me. So my 3 year old and my friend’s 3 year old were my Pinterest guinea pigs. First we tried paint in a zip-lock bag. […]

Father’s Day: ...

Father’s Day: DIY

With Father’s Day coming up, I know that you all will be looking for some inspiration so here is a link for some easy ideas: Here are some adorable and functional gifts, such as plates, mugs, and aprons for fathers using handprints and sweet quotes. Also, are some photo ideas that you can set up […]

Salted Coconut Tootsie Scrub: ...

Salted Coconut Tootsie Scrub: DIY

I don’t know about all of you but, my feet need extra care in the summer time. Daily scrubs and extra moisture for my pampered tootsies are a MUST HAVE! I started experimentations with foot scrubs last year in an attempt to: decrease my reliance on chemical crap on my skin create a scrub that […]