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Turning your beefs into bouquets

It’s not beefs and bouquets, it’s turning your beefs into bouquets…

Today I was standing in line at Costco and the person in front of me, *grumble grumble*, placed his items on the belt, grabbed ONE bar and placed it before his items. Why wouldn’t he grab TWO bars? It’s just these TINY acts of kindness that can make a person’s day or break it, if you’re in a mood. So I grabbed a bar, put it down, and then went to grab another bar for the person behind me… The person behind me went to grab that bar at the same time, I laughed and said, “I guess it’s not expected for others to have manners.” She had a good laugh and then I thought of what I always tell my son:

“Keep being your kind self, even when others aren’t kind to you. Be the one that others want to smell, don’t be the stink!”

It’s not that I don’t care about how others may be rude, it’s just that I don’t let it change me. It is SO empowering knowing that others’ poor behaviour doesn’t rub off on me. Why be like them, when you can be yourself?

We always mention how the world is getting worse and people don’t care. Maybe we feel like that because we remember the poor behaviour more keenly. We often forget about the tiniest acts of kindness that others send out. The person who opens the door, the smile that someone gives you in passing by, or the neighbour that drops off an extra tray of muffins.  It’s not about adding up the acts of kindness that you do for others or making sure that you send out a ton of acts. It’s not about sacrificing yourself. It’s simple… Just be yourself by never compromising yourself for others’ anger and enjoy your newfound sense of empowerment through your own actions.


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