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A honeymoon captured in time!

How honoured was I to be asked to scrapbook an album of a client’s honeymoon in Europe! The client had saved receipts, maps, coins, and even a playbill… Small momentos of her honeymoon. When I met with her she gave me a large envelope filled with cherished momentos and a flash drive filled with over 500 pictures of the 5 places she had been to in Europe with her husband. She asked if I could pick the best pictures and momentos to scrapbook and it was truly my pleasure to do so! Enjoy!!

Castle in Europe

Castle in Europe

Portions of maps mounted with pictures

Souvenirs and pictures mounted together w decorative paper

Decorative hand cut swirl embellishment

Decorative swirl embellishment

What the newlyweds had to say!

“I have a habit of saving every little ticket and brochure whenever I travel (much to my
husband’s dismay) but never get around to doing anything with them. It all sits
in a box for years until I eventually forget what it was even from and in the
trash it all goes. I’ve never had the patience to scrapbook, and I find my
biggest downfall is that it all seems interesting to me, so I can never decide
what to save or include… That is until I found Scrappy Mommy. She took all my
“mementos” and photos and turned it into a memory book which I can be
proud to show off… It really tells the story of our trip and brings it all
back every time I look through it. I will definitely use Scrappy Mommy’s
services again! It was well worth it! (And no more boxes of fading ticket stubs
crowding our office shelves) Thanks Scrappy Mommy!” ~Laura (and Mark)



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